Accurate Sizing Chart - Jacket Pants Mittens and SouWesters


Measuring for Puddlegear is simple... follow these steps to determine an accurate size for your children.
1) Obtain a measuring tape or tape measure.
2) Stand your child up as tall as they can be.  Sometimes a mark on the wall helps with wiggling!  With the little ones sometimes measuring on the floor is a good idea!
3) Their height in CMS is their size.  
4) Below is a chart of Puddlegear sizes.  Not all children aged 5 are the same height so this European method is much more accurate than age sizing.
5) If your child is larger at the end of the size ( example Billy is 112 cms it is a good idea to go up to the 120 size rather than a 110.  The pants will be big in this situation so if your child is opposed to too large clothing consider going up in the Jacket and not the pants.)
Mitten Sizes...
Size 2 for size 90,100 - Ages 10months to 5 YRS
Size 3 for sizes 110, 120, 130 - Ages 4 to 8 YRS
Size 4 for sizes 130, 140, 150 - Ages 6 to teen YRS
Size 1 is not available at this time
Some Waldorf Programs appreciate tight fitted mitts for dexterity.
SouWester Hat Sizes
Size 56 measures 56 cms around the crown - Age 0-5ish
Size 58 cms around the crown - Age 4-Adultish


 These are more detailed measurements that can boggle the mind... attempt at your own risk.  But I get asked....