Puddlegear Rain o so fabulous Mittens


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Puddlegear's kids rain mittens are absolutely fabulous! 

Yes they are magnificently lined in soft fleece to keep those little hands warm! Use these as kids snow gloves too!

These are super mittens for kids are soft and flexible: easy on, easy off. Extends up the arm to midway between the wrist and the elbow. Worn inside our kids raincoat, they solidly cover your child in waterproof fabric from head to toe! Soft fleece lining keeps little hands warm and dry while still giving them enough movement to grab and build.  Sticks, rocks, and puddles are natures toys, after all!  

Many schools like the mittens to be fitted for easy grip while playing.  The little guy in the photo is wearing a 3- for fitted he could use a 2.  The other photo shows an adult hand in a size 4.  

Our kids and toddler waterproof gloves sizes include:

Size 1 for babies size 80,90

Size 2 for size 90,100

Size 3 for sizes 110, 120, 130 As of Oct 3 Navy size 3 is out of stock

Size 4 for sizes 130, 140, 150


Mittens measurements:
These measurements are in Inches just to confuse you... I will convert them to cms 
Size 1- tip to cuff 9.5
                Thumb dart to tip- 4.5
                 Across- 3.5

Size 2-tip to cuff 10.5
             Thumb dart to tip- 4.5
              Across- 4

Size 3- tip to cuff 11
             Thumb dart to tip- 5
              Across- 4.5

Size 4- tip to cuff 12
             Thumb dart to tip- 5.5
              Across- 5


These waterproof kids mittens feature:

PVC and Phthalate free 

Soft and flexible

Navy blue wrist elastic

Fast drying!


Care and notes:

Wipe Clean

To be worn inside the jacket for best results!

Mittens do not qualify for free return or exchange shipping due to the high cost of shipping.

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